Yellow & White Granny Stripe Blanket

granny stripe blanket

I while ago I posted that I was working on a granny stripe blanket. Almost three months later it is finally finished! Yesterday I was done with the stripes and I put in all the loose ends. This morning I made the border, made pictures and now it is in the washing machine. It will leave me on Sunday because it is a gift for my Grandmother’s birthday, I hope she likes it! Read More →

Incoming Mail: One Happy Mailbox

happy mailbox

Last week I already showed you the incoming postcards for the last month or so. Time to move on to the other mail that I found in my mailbox, I guess you could say that I had a happy mailbox! Above you can see a letter that I got from Adam. He put this awesome wax seal on the envelope. Because I thought it was so cool I ordered wax + a seal from eBay.  Read More →

Happy List: Blossom!

Despite the fact that the weather has not been nice today, I love that it is spring! The days are becoming longer, the sun actually shows up on some days and it is getting warmer. I think the thing I love most about spring is the trees that are filled with blossom, I love to see the pinks and the whites, it makes me smile.  Read More →

Creative: Colouring all the things!


Last week when I stayed at my grandparents’ house without any internet, I needed something to do. Normally I would spend hours on the internet but with my internet bundle on my phone almost maxed out, I had to look somewhere else to keep me occupied. Yes, I know that this all sounds very dramatic, as if I am a junkie who cannot live without internet. I would not like to call myself a junkie but the sad truth is that without internet, I am easily bored. I do not think that is a positive habit to have at all, so I found something to do offline: colouring!  Read More →

New In: iPhone Filter Case

iPhone Filter Case

The last time that I was at Flying Tiger I bought this cool iPhone case with a filter wheel on it. I have spotted cases like this from Holga on eBay and they are significantly more expensive there! I payed €4 for this little baby, and sure, the more expensive ones are probably better in quality but I only use it for fun anyway. I think it is more fun to spend 4 euros on an item like this than 15, don’t you?!  Read More →